From the diary of a person who created hentai anime

The first porn picture of the artist

At first, I did not understand anatomy at all, so I drew a fairly simple but positive drawing. I uploaded it to the gallery and waited for the pre-moderation to take place. Soon the art was approved! Wow, I thought, after all, I drew something, at least not worse than what had already been on this porn site. 

There were a couple of hundred views and people left a dozen likes. But I was very happy. I managed to share my creativity with others. It was great to know that.


His broken heart and hentai thai

Unfortunately, the personal problems in our couple only worsened, and at a certain point I began to specifically spend a lot of time drawing, because I began to avoid intimacy. Communication problems are scary.

Thoughts began to form in my head about what contribution my e hentai drawing makes to the viewer's mind. I believe that the artist fosters the taste of the viewer, although some months before I draw futanari, if the clients ordered. 


After my personal reboot, I never drew a single girl with a penis.  I am even proud of my opinion. I lost a lot of money, but I didn't want to take responsibility again for the fact that the world is full of perverts. Futanari is the easiest thing in nsfw art, I treat it neutrally, but it really hurts me to see how people are diverting their interests into very strange genres. 

Severed heads, amputees, corpses, hypertrophied fat animals, and this was not the tip of the iceberg …

Drawing hentai 3d without being in love

I realized that without the feeling of falling in love without the craving that I felt, I had absolutely no place to get emotions and experiences for drawing anime hentai. Yes, our life in recent years has not been cloudless, but I did not forget about it, I tried to maintain proportions in life, although this was not always possible. I can say one thing – I don't want to draw nsfw anymore.

Four years later, more or less meaningful drawing of nsfw art showed that this is a very resource-intensive task. It takes a lot of time, especially if you are trying to work to attract orders, not even talking about Patreon. Trying to please the viewer, you grope for a certain approach that limits you, as your hentai porn drawing becomes mechanical, goes on a simple beaten path. 


You stop growing globally as an artist. I no longer want to draw any orders instead of sleeping or spending time with a loved one if I am lucky enough to meet someone again.

It was the part of life of one of porn artist. Maybe there are those who really like creating n hentai art.